Hazardous substances such as acids, bleaches etc. can affect anyone within the workplace, not just those who handle them during the course of their work. There’s plenty to consider and in this course we cover exactly what you need to keep your environment safe and your staff happy.

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations it states that ‘every employer who undertakes work which is liable to expose an employee to a substance hazardous to health shall provide that employee with suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training.’ Employees also have a legal responsibility to co-operate fully with their employer in order to enable them to meet their legal obligations.

So, by having effective COSHH training, employers can now be assured that everyone in the workplace is competent to carry out their work safely. The managers, supervisors and other members of staff should be able to recognise the hazards and be able to take action to reduce or eliminate the risks and understand how to follow the procedures.


Who should take this course?

Our COSHH training course is aimed at providing suitable training for all levels of employees who may come in contact with or work with any hazardous substances in their workplace. It is vitally important to always provide employees with the necessary knowledge to be competent and do their job properly. Suggested professionals that would benefit from our courses are: Catering and baking, Cleaning, Beauty and hairdressing, Engineering, Vehicle repair and painting, Welding, Offshore oil and gas, Printing, Woodworking and Agriculture.


Course and timings

The course, which lasts approximately 35 minutes in total, is split into six sections
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Legal Regulations
Video 3: Problems to Health
Video 4: Identifying Hazardous Substances
Video 5: Risk Assessments & Control Measures
Video 6: Monitoring the Assessment & Health