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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment will provide you with a professional site specific report, which identifies your fire safety compliance, access and escape routes, signage and building materials. The report is comprehensive and insurance approved.

Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety Consultancy carried out throughout the United Kingdom by an experienced Fire Risk Assessor / Consultant.

A fast service and the most competitive prices on the Web!

The new Fire Safety Order consolidates all previous fire safety legislation, with the emphasis on fire prevention through risk assessment.

Fire certificates have been abolished and no longer have legal status. You must now have a Risk Assessment.

Legal responsibility for complying with the Fire Safety Order rests with the ‘responsible person’.

What Happens When An Assessor Visits

When our fire risk assessor visits your premises, they will spend time with either the Responsible person (property owner or tenant) or in their absence the competent person (a designated person who is responsible for daily fire safety). They will go through your fire safety procedures and your emergency plan and advise of any areas which may require improving.

The assessor will inspect the fire alarm log book and all service records for various fire safety equipment (fire alarm servicing, weekly bell test, fire extinguisher servicing, emergency lighting etc). They will conduct a walk around the premises and discuss any areas of concern which are non compliant. They will wherever possible take photographs of any non compliance, to incorporate these in the risk assessment. They will have a summary meeting and discuss any findings which have become apparent from the assessment along with advice on how to rectify the findings in the best possible way.

A detailed insurance approved report comprising of all the assessors findings will be posted within a week of the site visit. The assessor will contact you approximately two weeks later to ensure that you clearly understand the report and are satisfied. Please remember the report benefits all parties and is a consultative document, showing compliance and due diligence.

Ensuring your premises, property and lives are protected from the risk of fire is vital, and a Fire Risk Assessment is an integral part of this. With wealth of experience in this area, Safety Aide are well equipped to offer you sound advice and recommendations on all aspects of fire prevention.

There are many important advantages to you if we carry out your Fire Risk Assessment. Our benchmark is that we;

  • Complete your assessment in full consultation with yourself at your premises.
  • Ensure your premises have adequate fire protection.
  • Provide floor plans of your premises showing all fire safety arrangements.
  • Ensure adequate systems are in place for the safety and protection of your staff and clients.
  • Focus on your business needs and your legal requirement to comply with the Fire Safety Order.
  • Provide ongoing support should you wish to alter your premises or work system.
  • Apply realistic costs – carrying out your assessment to minimise your costs.
  • Are an independent company and do not sell fire extinguishers or any other kind of fire safety equipment – ensuring our commitment to you is never compromised.

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