There are several things to think about when it comes to employee safety, but how to prevent falls from heights is particularly crucial. This is especially true for some sectors, where working in this way is a regular occurrence. Planning how to prevent falls in construction, for example, is something that should always be taken seriously by Health and Safety managers.

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But what are ways an employer can protect workers from falls?

1) Make Sure Employees Wear Sensible Shoes

There are many ways to help prevent falls from heights in the workplace but keeping tabs on what kind of footwear staff use is especially handy. Wearing the right kind of shoe will not only allow employees to move comfortably when working at heights but will also help them be more agile. Sensible footwear will give them a good grip on surfaces and make it less likely they will fall.

2) Ensure Only Authorised Staff Work From Height

The next thing to consider is making sure staff who work from heights are authorised to do so. It is also key to make sure they have specific authorisation to complete the task at hand from the relevant height. This is crucial because it means staff who will be working from heights are fully trained and competent. It also avoids those who do not know how to work properly at heights from getting into trouble.

3) Check The Flooring Type Is Suitable

It is also essential to consider the type of flooring staff will be working on from heights. This might be the platform of a cherry picker, for example, or the flooring the ladder they are climbing up is resting on. A good tip is to make sure the type of flooring is suitable for the work that will take place on it. This will help to avoid slips or trips which could then lead to falls.

4) Keep The Working Area Clean

The last good tip is to always keep working areas clean and clear. This will avoid workers falling over potential hazards at height. It will also stop people slipping on spillages, grease or grime whilst working.

Professional Training For Working At Heights Helps

To help prevent falls from heights in the workplace, providing the right training to employees is also critical. Safety Aide’s professional working at height training is a great way to give your staff the training they need to stay safe. Get in touch at today for more details.

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