Every workplace comes with associated risks. The key as both a company owner or manager and as an employee is knowing how to identify hazards and put the appropriate measures in place. Here, we will examine how to do this easily, and with the right training.

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The truth is that hazards will largely vary from company to company. A construction business will have a different set of workplace hazards than a regular office building or a company that has children on site. Your needs will vary accordingly.

The Six Types of Hazards 

There are six common types of hazards that you should look out for. These are chemical, biological, safety, physical, psychosocial and ergonomic. Chemical hazards are caused by substances that can cause physical impacts, while biological hazards might be mould, animals, blood or dust, as well as viruses. Safety hazards involve damaged areas of the environment that can cause injury and physical hazards are similarly based in the environment, but do not necessarily involve contact injury – they can be based around high noise levels, or having improper welfare facilities. Psychosocial hazards can be harassment or stress, and ergonomic hazards can be a poorly set up desk or improper handling of heavy items.

How To Manage These Hazards 

In order to manage these hazards, you must carry out risk assessments that are suitable for the environment you work in. This can mean checking that you are compliant with Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Regulation 3), and regularly reviewing your work equipment and management procedures. Once the risk assessment has been carried out, you must put control measures in place in order to control the hazard going forward. It is also important to have a fully qualified competent assessor to carry out these assessments.

Future Training

One of the best ways to manage and prevent hazards in the workplace is with proper training. If you need a refresher on workplace hazards or to assess potential hazards, get in touch with Safety Aide. Our fully qualified trainers provide a range of consultancy services and training options to suit your business, covering all elements of health and safety, including bespoke risk assessment, environmental and Covid assessments and a course in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations. Let us know how we can help you keep your workplace safe.

Image source: Unsplash