If you feel certain members of your staff would benefit from further fire safety training, allowing them to command greater responsibility in the event of a fire, the Safety Aide fire marshal and fire warden training course presents the ideal solution.


What topics will a fire warden training course cover?

Course core objective: To provide those in positions of responsibility with specific information, skills and knowledge, enabling them to perform the duties of a fire marshal or warden.

The course can be tailored to your specific needs by our exceptionally well qualified fire safety experts, but will in general cover:

  • Fire safety law and risk assessment principles
  • Routine and emergency duties of a fire marshal/warden
  • The fire triangle – how to raise the alarm and choose the correct fire extinguisher
  • Spotting and reporting fire hazards
  • What to do when you discover a fire – raising the alarm and contacting the fire department
  • Evacuation principles/techniques and the management of assembly points
  • Routine and emergency liaison with the fire service
  • Typical human behaviour in hazardous situations, and how to handle it

Whilst many of the topics covered are similar to those covered in the fire awareness course, they are looked at in far greater depth during the training of fire marshals and wardens.


Who should I send on this course?

The fire warden and marshal training provided by Safety Aide allows managers, building supervisors or simply the person responsible for the premises, to act as a controlling figurehead in the event of a fire.


How will my staff benefit from this course?

The presence of a calm fire marshal is not only reassuring for your staff, it can help save lives. The course’s core aims and content includes:

  • Assisting in maintaining and implementing your business’ or organisation’s fire risk assessment
  • Formulation and implementation of emergency plans and procedures
  • Training other employees and volunteers in the basics of fire safety
  • Assisting in fire drills, hazard spotting and reporting
  • Routine and emergency liaison with the fire service
  • How to raise the alarm and contact the fire department
  • How to initiate and supervise and evacuation
  • Taking roll calls
  • Providing information to the fire service upon their arrival

A fully trained fire safety warden has the potential to be a huge asset to your company or organisation.