When you’re trying to keep your working environment safe and healthy for your employees, there is a lot that needs to be covered. You may come across two terms as you build your health and safety strategy: a method statement and a risk assessment. Here, we take a look at how these differ, and how Safety Aide can help with both.

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Are They The Same Thing?

The first question many businesses have is whether a risk assessment and a method statement are the same things. It can be easy to confuse the two due to their similar objectives – to improve workplace safety. However, each document is written differently and will be used in conjunction with one another.

What Does ‘Method Statement’ Mean?

A risk assessment is commonly used in workplace environments to identify potential risks that might occur on-site – this can be in any kind of business or industry. A risk assessment seeks to identify hazards so that control measures can be put in place to reduce the risks, this will lessen the likelihood of an accident occurring. A method statement is then used in combination with the risk assessment, laying out how you will plan, manage and monitor the measures needed to prevent the risks from occurring in the future.

Who Writes Method Statements?

A method statement is usually written by someone who is very familiar with the site in question, such as the site manager, and who understands how procedures should be carried out.

What Should Be In A Method Statement?

When thinking about how to prepare method statements, they should contain comprehensive information relating to your site. Remember that this includes more basic content, such as the address of your site, who your company contacts are, and any relevant information regarding the work carried out on your site. You will then go on to include information on the training that will be required and any PPE or alterations that need to be made to reduce the potential risks flagged in your risk assessment. You should also provide details on how tasks should be properly carried out, and how this will be tracked.

How Safety Aide Can Help

If you’re seeking support with your risk assessments and method statements, then make sure to reach out to Safety Aide. With our consultancy service, we will visit your business and review your health and safety measures. We will highlight any factors that might need to be included for risk assessments, or method statements, and provide guidance so you can create a safer and healthier working environment. To find out more about our services, please contact us today!

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