Every workplace should be careful when it comes to potential fire hazards. so having the right health and safety measures in place means you’ll be less likely to fall victim to a fire of any sort and will know how to handle the situation if a fire does occur. Here, we will look at the six things you need to be aware of,  that will help you manage a fire in the workplace if the event occurred and how Safety Aide can help.

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1. Have The Correct Fire Equipment

While a fire in the workplace may not occur often, it’s important to be prepared. By Making sure that you have all the right fire equipment around your building. This includes fire extinguishers – which can come in different types to deal with different types of fires. Making sure fire blankets, fire buckets, and escape equipment are clearly signposted will help employees know where to access them.

2. Carry Out Risk Assessments

Risk assessments of your workplace will assess if there are any areas where you can improve your fire safety. This can include being more careful when using equipment, ensuring no flammable equipment is out of date, and that all your fire equipment is current and functional.

3. Store Materials Carefully

If you work with combustible materials,  check that these are being stored appropriately lowering the chances of a fire breaking out. All employees should be educated on this.

4. Don’t Block Fire Exits

Fire exits must remain clear at all times, and fire doors must not be propped open for any reason. If you see this happening, make sure employees understand why making changes are important to overall safety.

5. Be Careful With Sockets

In an increasingly modern world, we need more power than ever. But simply overloading a socket can cause a fire – so check that this is not happening, and if it is,  you might need to update your electrical system.

6. Train Employees

The most important factor in fire safety and preventing fires is ensuring that your employees are fully trained in how to handle the materials they are working with, and what to do in case of a fire. You should have fire wardens on site who can help during a fire, but all employees should know what to do in an emergency, with signs around the building clearly displaying this information.

With these six things in mind, you will be better equipped to prevent fires in the workplace. If you want further support with a fire safety consultation, please get in touch with Safety Aide (08000 806 801) We have a range of health and safety-related consultations available, as well as training for staff, and  follow fire safety consultants UK regulations, so you are always compliant with current rules. Get in touch to see how we could best help you.

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Image Source: Pixabay