No one wants to imagine that the worst can happen, but fatal injuries do sometimes occur in the workplace. Here, we will be looking at some of the most common causes of workplace fatalities, and the impact this can have on you as an employer, and for your business in the long term. Read on to discover more.

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Falls From Height

One of the most common accidents for workers across 2020/2021 was workers experienced falls from height. This can include those working on roofs, ladders or platforms, and are common in trade-based industries or warehouse environments. Such incidents have a high fatality rate, which can depend on the height fallen from and the nature of the fall.

Moving Objects

Being struck by a moving object is the second most common cause of fatality in the workplace. This can mean that boxes have fallen onto a worker or that a structure has collapsed, causing injury or even a fatality. Being injured by a pallet truck or a hand tool also falls under this category.

Moving Vehicles

The third most common workplace accident is being struck by a moving vehicle. This is also most common in warehouse or construction environments but could also happen in any workplace where vehicles are present. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to keep your vehicle and pedestrian areas clearly delineated, as it is all too easy for a worker to be struck by a vehicle in motion, especially if the person operating the vehicle does not have good visibility from their vehicle (for example while moving stock or large objects).

How To Assess The Risks In Your Workplace

Risk assessment is a big part of workplace safety. You should identify hazards, and who they might impact, as well as decide what to do to remedy the hazard. If you aren’t sure how to assess the risks in your workplace, then Safety Aide can help. Knowing how to look for potential risks and how to fix them is an essential part of keeping your employees safe.

It can be worrying to think about potential fatalities in the workplace, but this is a vital consideration if you want to keep your employees safe. Our team here at Safety Aide are experts in knowing how to identify risks and mitigate them, so get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with consultations and basic health and safety training online.

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