First aid training is a vital part of nearly any workplace. Here, we will look at what you need to keep your staff safe with the help of a trained first aider.

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Tailored To Your Needs

Your first aid needs will very much vary dependant on the size of your business. However, there are other considerations that you must make when deciding on the correct first aid for you. Your industry makes a big difference to the first aid training that will be required – for example, if chemicals are present, or if children are on-site – and you will also need to think about how many employees you have at each site.

Standard Numbers 

There are some standard numbers to keep in mind when and how many first aid trained members of staff you will need. A business with between five to fifty employees will need one person on staff who is fully first aid trained. For every additional fifty employees after this, another member of staff should be first aid trained. Of course, this will also vary based on your industry and the associated level of risk, as well as how large or divided your sites are. With some first aid training, you may be able to gain a Discount.

Expected Responsibilities 

As a first aider, there are certain responsibilities that must be taken into account. Dependant on your company needs, your first aider may be trained in First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW). Once they are trained, they will be expected to be available to examine and treat light injuries (such as mild burns), as well as have an awareness of when it is time to call the emergency services. First aiders must also be aware of how to provide resuscitation.

First Aid Officers/Wardens

In some cases, a first aid trained member of staff will not provide enough cover – this can be especially true in industries that work with heavy objects or machinery and/or chemical components. High-risk industries or companies with a larger body of staff may need to employ at least one first aid officer/warden as an appointed person. Even with lower risk businesses, it can be worth employing a dedicated officer as they will be able to ensure that you are compliant with health and safety legislation surrounding first aid issues (such as The Health & Safety First Aid Regulation 1981), and will be on hand to help whenever an accident or emergency occurs, rather than having a large number of other duties.

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