Fire can have devastating effects on a business. Even a small fire could damage your property, vital data, and stock. In more extreme instances, it could even cause injury to your staff members.

Preventing fires should be a top priority of any business and knowing the correct fire safety measures is essential. Here, we will look at the responsibilities associated with fire safety, how to reduce fire risks and the benefits of excellent fire safety.

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Whose Responsibility Is Fire Safety?

If you own or run a property, you become responsible for the fire safety of everyone within the workplace. The responsibility also falls to the employer, so it is best to have someone responsible to specifically deal with health and safety, such as a facilities manager. In the absence of a facilities manager, there should be a building manager or a risk assessor.

Your employees should all have some awareness of the appropriate fire safety measures, both to remain compliant and in case an emergency does occur.

How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Fire?

There are certain steps you need to take in order to reduce the risk of fire. These include making regular fire safety risk assessments to ensure the safety of the workplace and taking certain safety measures. Being compliant with the regulatory reform fire safety order 2005 is essential, as well as having the correct fire safety equipment on hand, including fire extinguishers, for every class of fire. Ensuring that employees are trained to know what to do in case of a fire is an essential step in reducing the risk of fire.

The Benefits Of Good Fire Safety

Being aware of good fire safety measures and how to carry them out allows you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are protecting your premises and your employees. However, having good fire safety doesn’t just benefit the physical well-being of your employees. If your employees know that you have good fire safety measures in place, your employees will be happier, knowing that they can trust the business they work for and that their employers care about them.

If you want to improve fire safety in the workplace, Safety Aide offers online training to ensure that you are fully equipped with all the knowledge you need. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your fire safety training and keep your entire workforce safer and happier.


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