Every year, employers face greater legislative demands, more pressing moral duties and the possibility of ever-heavier Health & Safety fines.

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The worldwide pandemic is the perfect example of how new obligations can impact everyday operations.

Increasingly complex H&S (Health & Safety) rules are a direct result of the perils within modern workplaces. They also reflect a growing understanding of the best ways to keep staff safe. From fundamental hygiene control to operating autonomous technology, and from site traffic management to proper use and storage of chemicals. Yet bizarrely, the greatest cause of workplace accidents in the UK is still avoidable slips, trips and falls!

No Room For Complacency

This is something that can’t be underestimated or overlooked, and not just for all the reasons listed above. Providing your staff with access to online training in H&S equips them to take steps to avoid accidents and incidents.

This gives your company a far greater ability to prevent employee injury and sickness, which in turn reduces leave time and productivity threats. Better H&S awareness and control also avoids failed inspections and HSE penalties.

With the right skills in place, you can avert structural damage to your premise and business interruption. Not to mention managing the threat of losing your reputation!

So, the big question is, can you afford NOT to invest in a programme of Health & Safety e-Learning?

Being Able To Demonstrate Commitment To H&S Policies

Having procedures in place and buying equipment is simply not enough. Employers must be able to demonstrate their commitment to workplace health and safety not only to inspectors but also to staff, customers, suppliers and investors!

Having well trained H&S personnel certainly gives your employees greater confidence in you, and greatly aids with staff attraction and retention too.

Measured, Continuous Improvement

One of the main advantages of H&S training is that it can make the rest of your investment in this field more assured and controlled. For example, properly trained personnel will have the insights needed to commission appropriate equipment. They will be able to confidently flag up areas for improvement and disseminate information to colleagues on such topics as Manual Handling, DSE and COSHH.

How To Source Free Trial Health & Safety Training

Despite the fact it’s a hugely important topic, it’s surprisingly easy to introduce and sustain good H&S training. This is thanks to Safety Aide, specialist providers of online courses in the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulation 1999 (Regulation 13) and The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

We offer a range of units designed to meet your specific business needs and obligations. Our training courses are delivered effectively and affordably to enable you to put compliance into action every day. Get in touch to find out more.


training portal free trial


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